Kinross Charter Township


Township Clerk Position Opening

17 May 2022

A vacancy will be opening on the Kinross Charter Township board for the position of clerk, to be appointed by the township board as soon as possible. Members of the township board must be residents of Kinross Charter Township.

The clerk’s duties and responsibilities are statutorily assigned functions, most of which are administrative. The clerk is a member of the township board and votes on all matters that come before the township board.

In addition to numerous auxiliary duties, Michigan law requires the township clerk to carry out three major responsibilities: township record keeping, financial operations and elections. The clerk also maintains custody of all township records, meeting minutes, book of oaths, and ordinance books. The clerk or their deputy personally signs all checks for bills and wages paid. Maintaining voter registration files and conducting elections are also duties of the clerk.

The clerk must appoint a deputy. The township board determines the Deputy’s wage. In the absence, sickness, death or disability of the clerk, the deputy possesses the powers and performs the duties of the clerk; however, the deputy does not have a vote on the township board.

Appointment to the board is done by the board and in no way guarantees re-election. Any interviews will be conducted by the board at a public board meeting. Any and all decisions regarding the appointment are made at public board meetings.

The position of clerk is part-time and compensated with an annual salary of $15,000.

Persons interested must send a letter of interest by email to or to:

4884 W. CURTIS ST.

Notice will be given once this appointment is made.