Kinross Charter Township


Loretta Robinson

906-495-5381 Ext. 102

Deputy Clerk

Sierra Yiirs

Kinross Clerks

The Clerk’s duties and responsibilities are statutorily assigned functions, most of which are administrative. The clerk is a member of the township board and votes on all matters that come before the township board.

In addition to numerous auxiliary duties, Michigan law requires the township clerk to carry out three major responsibilities involving township record keeping, financial operations and elections. The Clerk also maintains custody of all township records, meeting minutes, book of oaths, ordinance books, general ledger, prepares warrants for township checks, and financial statements. Maintaining voter registration files and conducting elections are also duties of the Clerk.

The Clerk must appoint a deputy. The township board determines the deputy’s wage. In the absence, sickness, death or disability of the clerk, the deputy possesses the powers and performs the duties of the clerk; however, the deputy does not have a vote on the township board.

Voter Forms

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Application for Absentee Voter Ballot


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Voter Information

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Find your sample ballot online at - look for Chippewa County, and then Kinross Township.

Michigan law requires that your driver's license address match the address on your voter registration card. You may submit a change of address either at a Secretary of State Branch Office or by mail. If you are submitting a change of address at a Branch Office, make sure to bring your driver's license or personal ID card. You will be given a sticker with your new address for the back of your driver's license or personal ID card. There is no fee for this service.

You may submit a change of address by mail. Complete the change-of-address form available on the PDF document above and mail it to the address specified on the form.

You can also change your address at your local clerk's office.

View the September 2022 sample ballot.