LAST UPDATE May 25, 2016

Notes: This area was created to aid in searching for specific information or issues by using key word searches of all active ordinances. All ordinances in this area have been re-codified, where applicable, to include all amendments to date for easier review. The ordinances in this section have also been reformatted and section titles added, where missing, to older ordinances, however, all other text remains as originally written. Official ordinances may be viewed in the Township Clerk's Office Monday - Friday 8:00 AM - 4:30 PM.

Individual ordinances are linked below. All ordinances are in PDF format.

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Liquor Control
Construction Code Ordinance
Trespassing on Cross-Country Ski Trails
Subdivision Control Ordinance (Updated January 2018)
Operation Of Snowmobiles On Former Kincheloe Air Force Base
Fiscal Year of Township    (Updated January 2018)
Business Registration Ordinance
Deferred Compensation Ordinance
Group Insurance Plan Ordinance

Kinross Charter Township Zoning Ordinance (Amended 03/17/14)

Trespassing on County Airport 
Trespassing on the Kincheloe Memorial Golf Course
Conduct within Perimeter of Correctional Facilities
Uniform Traffic Code Ordinance
Curfew Ordinance
Junkyard and Junk Vehicle Ordinance
Nuisance Ordinance (Updated February 2019)
Garbage, Rubbish and Litter Ordinance (updated 03/14/16)
Disorderly Persons Ordinance
Nuisance Party Ordinance
Discharge of Firearms on Kinross Township Property
Public Entertainment Ordinance
Solid Waste Collection Ordinance (updated 03/14/16)
Junk Ordinance
Dangerous Building Ordinance
Cemetery Ordinance
Pension Plan Ordinance
Parking Ordinance
Sign Ordinance (Major Amendment)
Emergency Services Cost Recovery Ord.


Repeal Ordinances Number 7a and Number 9
Repeal Ordinances Number 25 and Number 62
Commercial Truck Route Ordinance
Combined Water/Sewer Ordinance
Civil Infractions Ordinance
Amendment to Solid Waste Collection Ordinance
Establish a Planning Commission (replaces Ordinance #024)
Medical Marihuana

Quarrying Ordinance

Authorize & Provide for the Construction of Improvements to the Township Sewage Disposal System

2017 Sewage Disposal Revenue Bonds
2019 Sewage Disposal Revenue Bonds
Recreational Marijuana Facilities